“Yvan’s readings are illuminating, thoughtful, practical, articulate” 

—Chris, Marketing Manager

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Yvan Greenberg

Born in Colorado, I now live in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been in a relationship with the Tarot for about 35 years now, ever since I was a 5 year-old-boy and found my mom’s deck while snooping through her dresser drawers. From that moment, I became completely enchanted by them. I have worked with the cards ever since, reading for friends and family, designing my own decks, and consulting the cards myself for questions both mundane and magickal. 

I have studied cartomancy with Camelia Elias and am an Aradia Academy Alumnus. I read primarily the Tarot de Marseille, but also nontraditional artistic Tarots as well as playing cards. (I will choose the deck I use for your reading based on the context and question you provide.) I’m also an active practitioner of the magickal arts. My specialty and greatest love has always been divination, but I’m also an explorer of trance/visionary work, planetary candle magick, and trafficking with the spirits of our animistic world. 

My background as a queer artist, working in theater, dance, and visual art, can enhance readings for other artists and for those who identify as LGBTQ+. Consulting the cards can bring new dynamics into the creative process, and offers a way to queer your own habitual thought processes.

While I have extensive experience with esoteric approaches to Tarot, I generally will not bring astrological, kabbalistic, or occult interpretations to my readings. Unless your situation calls for it. Context is king. I am more interested in providing you with specific, practical, actionable information you can actually put to use.