What Others Say


“I was feeling a desperate need for more understanding on what was going on with my life. I reached out to Yvan and he replied quickly and with kindness. He was able to provide an extremely valuable tarot reading for me about several family situations where I desired a confirmation of the situation and possible options to come to a solution or how to help the matter. I loved working with him and am so happy he can share his gifts. Not only does he share guidance but his delivery is so warm, I feel like I am right there with him. I look forward to working with Yvan in the future and highly recommend him if you are curious to learn or understand more about what is happening around you.” 

—Christina Guglielmo, NetImpact Strategies Consultant

“Yvan is amazing and intuitive! He was spot on with my reading. It brought me understanding and clarity.” 

—Josette, Therapist

“Yvan is my life coach: He has been helping me through critical stages in my life. His honest approach and his readings are beyond any expectations. He is able to do the remote readings with full accuracy. The detail-oriented information was impressive and exactly what I needed. I am happy to recommend Yvan to anyone who is interested to have an external approach to life matters.”

—Laura E., Financial Institution Sales Manager

“My first reading gave me a lot to think about, but helped me to handle the situation I was facing correctly. I reread it a few months later and am amazed how accurate it really was.”

—Dorie P., Veterinary Sales Manager


“If anyone is considering having their cards read, I can definitely recommend Yvan! He did a reading for me this summer, and it was the most comfortable and private one I’ve ever had. He created such a safe zone, and encouraged questions and conversation about the cards. And then, a few weeks later when the messages of my cards came to light, he was right there to text with me as I gushed over it. Will definitely be going back for another one soon!”

—Courtney K., Director of Marketing

“Yvan’s readings are illuminating, thoughtful, practical, articulate” 

—Chris, Marketing Manager