My Approach to Reading the Cards

Consulting the cards can shine a light on blindspots to see situations more clearly or from new perspectives, and can offer a way of discovering and collecting hidden intel on a matter. You want accuracy and clarity. And you want your heart to be moved. 

Readings can be used to create workable plans for addressing difficult life situations, to map out projects, to figure out when you’ve got the momentum to act on your side, and to bring some magic into your daily life. The cards can also challenge you to think about how you think, short-circuiting habitual and conditioned ways of looking at things.

I read the cards with compassion and a sensitivity to the language I use to communicate, and will show you clearly where the reading comes from by pointing to the evidence in the cards.

A compassionate reading is an honest reading. Sometimes the message is what you need to know—not what you want to hear—and requires an approach that doesn’t beat around the bush. I will never withhold information given by the cards or sugarcoat things, but I will never pass judgement on your situation or question.

Whether a situation/question pertains to love, work, money, home, emotional or philosophical issues, dream interpretation, communication with spirits, or effective magickal work, the point of consulting the cards is to give you more information and agency to make and own your decisions.



Cards and Magick

While I have extensive experience with esoteric approaches to Tarot, I generally will not bring astrological, kabbalistic, or occult interpretations to my readings. Unless your situation calls for it. Context is king. I am more interested in providing you with specific, practical, actionable information you can actually put to use. However, the cards can be a link to magickal action. If you are interested in using the clarity and information acquired from your card reading to magickally influence the direction or outcome of your situation, consider booking me for a Bespoke Magick Spell Recipe.

N.B.: At this time, I am not available to perform spellwork on behalf of clients.